Snowflake Gelato @Selfridges

Location: West End

Cuisine: Sweet

Price Range: ££

LFM Score: 3/5

Bebe Friendly Score: 1/3

If you have a sweet tooth like London Foodie Mama, then the terms ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘Ice-Cream’ certainly get the salivary glands pumping. Recently, Snowflake at Selfridges have come up with the ultimate sweet treat… Ice-Cream Afternoon Tea! #OMG

Upon arrival, we were served a tier of ice-cream treats, including ice-cream sandwiches, ice-cream macaroons and mini ice-cream cones dipped in chocolate. All rather pretty and dainty (and photogenic for those Instagram posts). However, after a few bites and slowly creeping into a diabetic coma, the novelty wore off. There was a lack of taste variation between each treat – all were vanilla ice cream  based accompanied by various forms of chocolate or biscuit. We craved for other ice cream flavours or even a sorbet diversification. <sigh> Maybe our expections had been too high.

The ambience of the venue failed to harmonise with the delicate nature of the food. Based in the noisy, crowded ground floor of the Selfridges food hall,  our destination was a few cramped tables beside a window overseeing a side street of busy Oxford Street (with an awkward structural beam in the middle).  Not the desired surroundings whilst charging  £15pp.

No high chairs and no space for buggies sadly, and even worse, the toilets were on another floor, on the other side of the building – bad news for a potty training toddler “Mama, I need the toilet NOW”.

Great idea. Execution disappointed.


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