Stacks Poutine

Location: North London (Stoke Newington)

Cuisine: American (Actually Canadian but it’s practically the same right?!)

Price Range: £

LFM Score: 4/5

Bebe Friendly Score: 1/3

What have the Canadians offered to the culinary scene? Not much as far as our knowledge goes but finally we have discovered: Poutine! (Not to be confused with that Russian gentleman). A dish made of chips, cheese curds and gravy. OK not ideal food to help with that post-baby diet regime but sometimes life is too short. Stacks have devised an entire menu based on poutine with an international twist, for example, Kimchi ‘Korean’ poutine. We were impressed and certainly didn’t leave hungry.

Currently Stacks is resident at ‘Birthday bar’ so we don’t advise taking baby on Friday night! Sunday lunchtime was quiet and baby was welcomed but don’t expect any facilities.


Dirty Burger

Location: North London

Cuisine: American

Price Range: £

LFM Score: 5/5

Bebe Friendly Score: 0/3

In a dodgy part of Norf London, in a dodgy carpark behind some lacklustre office buildings, in a make shift shed… lies BURGER HEAVEN. We’ve eaten a lot of burgers in our quest and this, dare we say is THE best in London? Not really a place to take the mother-in-law or a baby frankly, but sometimes you just got to roll with it.